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A Brief Description About Odissi

The Full Form of News Paper is North West South East Past, Present And Future Events/azines. This paper contains a wide range of features on everything which is happening presently and also what is expected in the future. All the six months of the year provide news related to all sectors like politics, business, sport, entertainment, education, travel and industry. News Paper has some huge industry within the UK. While the print news media industry is thriving, online news portals are growing with immense popularity. Online news paper enjoys huge popularity in India and other parts of Asia.

This is a comprehensive monthly magazine of all the major cities in India. It is published every day in the month of october. The Indian morning newspaper “Odissi” is the best daily newspaper in India. Every page of this newspaper has news related to finance, politics, arts, entertainment, business, education, health, automobiles, international news and many more.

The first English-language newspaper printed in 1690s as “The Indian Monthly”. The periodical which had the prerogative of being called the “Indian News Paper” changed to “The Indian Courier” after the year 18amo. The name changed again in 1894 and became “The Indian Weekly”. The periodical “The Standard’ was introduced to correspond with the changing trends in the business of print news. The name “Odissi” was retained till the year 1923 when “The Indian Mail” appeared as the replacement for “The Standard”.

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