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A Guide to Newspapers

Newspaper (noun), A printed article written as an overview or report of news of special interest, but can be very specialized for either national or international news. Also known as news circular, business newspaper or simply local newspaper. Newspapers generally fall into two categories: broad and targeted. Broad newspapers are primarily classified by broad subject matter, such as business and sports, while targeted newspapers focus on more specific subjects, such as religion and education. Most papers offer broad information, while some focus on more narrow areas such as education, health, arts and education.

Comic Strip – A comic strip, generally published in a daily or weekly newspaper, is a comic that parodies current political events, popular figures and entertainers. Some common subjects seen in comic strips include superheros, animals and comic book heroes. There are many different types of comic strips, such as the famous L.A. Times comic strip, the Washington Post comic strip, and the New Yorker comic strip. There are even television and radio shows which follow popular characters or events from the comic strip.

To tell if a newspaper has a true-life story, simply pick it up and hold it up to the light. If the color is smudged, the paper is not really a serious paper. But if the color and the paper are not at all smudged, you will know that this is a newspaper of real life. Most people just love to poke fun at the media and this is one way they do it!

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