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Changing the World of Gaming

Technology is an ever-expanding field that combines art, science, medicine, engineering, and other human endeavors. In many ways, technology is what defines the future of human thought, because it is the bridge between what is known and unknown, what is old and new, what is ancient and futuristic, what comes first and which comes second, and so on. The world of technology has become a growing, ever-changing field, and the definition of technology itself is constantly changing as technological change occurs. One area of growing interest is in how technology affects people; what impact technology has on society and what actions people can take to be more dependent and productive electronically in the future.

A great example of the impact that tech has on society is in fighting games. As fighting games began to appear on popular gaming consoles such as the Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo Wii, and PSP, players’ interests in tech were at an all-time high. Not only were they staying up on new tech news and technology, but they were also trying to figure out how to use the new tech to be even more successful in their own lives. For instance, with the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the game took players on a sci-fi, action-filled, crime-filled adventure that gave players a virtual look into the world of tech and gadgets that were becoming both commonplace and also a growing, ever-changing force in our world today.

This rise in tech culture has been reflected in how people talk about technology. Just a few short years ago, it was hard to find a single person who was knowledgeable about any aspect of tech, much less playing games or using technology in their everyday lives. Nowadays, you would be hard pressed to find someone who does not know at least something about a cell phone or what the newest tech gadgets are. Gaming and technology are no longer topics that are merely interesting for individuals who like to talk about them; instead, they are now mainstream topics that influence society as a whole. With the popularity of games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and other tech games, there is no question that the world of gaming has grown and changed drastically. Whether the world of gaming is changing because people are playing games and having fun, or whether the tech culture of games is affecting society in a positive way, is open to debate, but one thing is clear – the technology is changing and is only going to continue to change.

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