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English-Printed News is Hard to Find in India

News paper is a daily newspaper published in different countries across the world. It provides news and features information related to the recent happenings all over the world. It is mainly circulated for the people residing in the particular areas and countries through the mails. If you want to get updated with the latest news, then subscribe with news paper today.

This article has been contributed bynews paper reader Subash Panchamrut. He is an online researcher and an editor for some famous news papers in India. Today, he shares his insights on different newspapers, which are in demand in India, and also the importance of news paper.

There are many daily newspapers in India. These newspapers include the Indian English newspaper Daily News Paper, Indian English Sunday newspapers, Indian English Midday Papers, Indian Sunday Newspapers, Indian Sunday School Papers, Brackus, Marathi, Kannada, Sinhana, Koorie, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andaman & Nicobar, Puducherry, and Goa. News paper is the only medium of getting the news immediately to the readers. So, it becomes imperative for us to read news paper regularly so as to know what is happening around the globe. | 2021 | e-newspapers} The popularity of the Indian English Hindi newspaper, Deccan Times, and other English newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, and Indian Daily Headlines have led to a slump in the sales of printed newspapers across the country. The reason being, according to a recent study, there was an increase in e-newspaper sales in India over the last few years. This was attributed to two main reasons, one being increase in number of internet users, and second, availability of news and information on e-newspapers. According to estimates, more than six million unique users access e-newspapers online in a month in India.

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