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Improve Your Efficiency With Business Process Design


Improve Your Efficiency With Business Process Design

A design is essentially a blueprint for the construction of something or for the execution of some act or procedure, or even the resultant of that blueprint in the shape of a finished product, model or implement, or even the effect of that blueprint in the shape of some physical example. The verb to design also suggests the process of producing a design by means of some form of creative input. Design can also be used in connection with the word architect, as in the context of building and designing buildings. Designing in this sense includes the process by which a building is designed from its foundation to its erection.

Designing can involve the whole gamut of human action and interaction, from the artistic creations of Picasso to the high tech innovations of the Apple of My Pillow. It often involves creative problem solving. Thus it helps us create better understandings of how we can solve problems. In more specific contexts, design thinking can help us come up with better solutions to many of the problems that face us in our day-to-day lives, ranging from finding better cures for disease, to designing better infrastructure.

Designing and applying business processes and concepts to achieve certain ends requires knowledge of the whole business process and the ability to reason logically and objectively about those processes and concepts. The ability to innovate is also important. Thus it is important for business process designers to combine aesthetics in a way that enhances their usability, and also makes it easier for people to understand what they are designing and why.

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