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Making Money by Making Up News Paper Articles

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Making Money by Making Up News Paper Articles

A newspaper, often a broadsheet or daily newspaper, is a printed newspaper normally published on either a weekly or monthly basis. Its target market is typically the same as that of an ordinary broadsheet, although will include those who read other daily papers, magazines and specialist periodicals. The vast majority of news papers are generally produced in single or double page spread and are distributed by the news syndication or news papers’ publishers. Most newspapers will charge for newspaper delivery. In some countries, however, the provision of free newspaper delivery is available.

If we consider a comic strip then the first item on our list would have to be the comic strip panel. The comics strip would usually be drawn and printed in full colour using die-cut paper, pencils, or markers. Once these components are ready, the artist will add this to clay which is then heated to produce the final drawing which will in turn be inserted into a magazine or newspaper. If the panel is in a comic strip printed magazine, the drawing will appear on one side of the page and in most cases will be accompanied by a byline or by a credited quote. In some cases the comic strip may be divided into panels to form a longer story or perhaps sections will be split across different panels.

The second item on the news paper list would be a comic strip featuring celebrities or sports figures. In this case, the drawing is made by hand on sketchpad paper and once finished will be sent to a printing house where it will be sliced into a suitable size. The printing house will cut this to fit into a suitable size and produce the newspapers cover or front page. Sports figures and celebrities will almost always feature a picture of themselves and this may appear in the news section alongside a byline or a photograph. A celebrity photo can attract a lot of public attention, especially if the celebrity is a famous person such as a football player or actor.

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