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Organizing and Managing a Marketing Campaign


Organizing and Managing a Marketing Campaign

Marketing refers to the act that an organization undertakes in order to engage its audience, develop strong relationships with customers to generate in return, and create value so as to acquire more value in exchange. Marketing is the primary source of revenue for many companies. It is one of the most effective ways to attract new customers and retain existing customers. Companies therefore, utilize marketing to gain widespread appeal among the masses. There are different forms of marketing activities such as advertising, branding, sales, and product promotion and distribution.

A major part of marketing strategy focuses on meeting customer needs. This is achieved through coordinated marketing, which includes the development of a set of marketing tools, processes, and systems that will aid organizations to satisfy their customers. In addition, the use of appropriate technologies is also used for the same purpose. The objective of developing coordinated marketing strategies is to gain maximum advantage over competitors, while at the same time, meet the customers’ needs and requirements in the best possible manner. This enables organizations to provide quality goods and services to their customers, while generating superior ROI.

One effective way of attaining the above-mentioned objectives is through the use of keyword marketing. Keyword marketing involves using keywords or keyword phrases in an internet marketing campaign. Marketers work with SEO experts to rank the keywords or keyword phrases in such a manner so as to appear high in the search engine result pages (SERPs). When a web surfer performs a search using a keyword, the keywords that are included in that search will be displayed alongside the results, helping the surfer make a good decision. Hence, marketers incorporate SEO in their overall marketing strategy, incorporating the keyword marketing along with other traditional marketing techniques.

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