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The 21st Century Has Seen a Surge in Technology

Technology is the totality of any technical methods, skills, techniques, and methods utilized in the creation of new products or services or in accomplishing aims, for instance scientific research. The term technology was first applied to a field of study that came under the broader umbrella of computer science. In the 20th century, however, technology has become a much more generic term, covering a wide range of disciplines. Today, a technologist is a person who combines the arts and sciences to create new products or solutions to current issues in technology. Technologists can be found in various fields, including computer science, engineering, physics, and mathematics.

A technologist is typically thought of as someone who is an expert on a particular area of applied science whose goal is to improve the quality of life through technological progress. Examples of people considered to be technologists in the 20th century include telephone engineers, computer chip makers, medical researchers, and electrical engineers. A few were even considered to have an automatic mind, given the ability to quickly and accurately process all manner of information in a variety of disciplines, ranging from art to politics. The twentieth century saw the further refinement of this definition, which is still known today to be broadly applied in a number of different ways.

Technological progress is often the result of the application of scientific knowledge in new contexts. As is commonly known, the human body is capable of several amazing feats, from the fact that it can beat the disease bacterium for how long an hour and with no external stimuli, to being able to withstand bullets fired at a high velocity and with no harm to its flesh. Technological progress is also oftentimes the result of applying the knowledge of a single discipline to a number of different technological domains. Examples of technologies that have been developed due to this include cellular phones, personal computers, the Internet, GPS systems, and augmented reality platforms such as the Wii and Xbox.

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