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The Deep Meaning of Designing


The Deep Meaning of Designing

A design is basically a mathematical or graphical plan or specifications for the construction of some thing or system, or even for the actual execution of some activity or procedure, or the outcome of this plan or specifications in the shape of a model, implement or production material. The verb to design normally refers to the process of creating a model. But in the scientific and engineering contexts, design also refers to a model created by an organism or machine so as to study its properties. In computer-architecture and software design, the verb refers to the process of implementing software, especially in the case of designing or creating a model of the whole system from its initial design or model stage. Designing an object involves giving practical implementations to real-life necessities, constraints and goals; this can be done in many fields like art, architecture, medicine, computer sciences, electronics etc. It is used extensively in the creation of new objects, creation of parts of existing objects, verification of the results and improvement of methods and techniques for specific purposes.

A design principle is the overall concept of the project; it can either be user-centric design principles, which consider the needs of the end users or ergonomic design principles, which look into the needs of the person using the product or system. The user experience or human usability is closely related to design principles. In an ergonomic design principle, the layout of the equipment, workstations and other items are carefully structured so as to provide comfort and ease of use. On the other hand, the user experience includes the ways in which the user experiences the design process, from conception to completion, which can include the design documentation, requirements elicitation, use testing, modeling, interaction and other activities required for achieving quality.

The deep meaning of designing is something that designers should strive to understand, so as to make things simple, uncomplicated and robust. Designing is a creative process that entails designers to think deeply, so as to make things attainable. Designer should pay very close attention to the meaning of the design, as this is a key factor that will affect the effectiveness of their designing.

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