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The Definition of Marketing Management

Marketing is the act of consciously driving sales of products and services through communication with the targeted public; potentially including variety of demographic or selection of a particular target audience; identification of certain characteristics or traits to help establish a particular relationship between the public and products or services. Marketing is an integrated discipline that recognizes that any one-off, personalized communication can be an extremely powerful way of eliciting buy-in or demand from the targeted audience. It recognizes the need for an integrated plan of marketing activities that span multiple disciplines and agencies to realize a consistent, long term marketing strategy.

For the purpose of defining marketing as a science and an art, marketing is often categorised into two areas: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay per click (PPC). In simple terms, SEO involves efforts to improve a website’s search ranking by using strategic keyword usage; PPC deals with the purchase of advertisement space on various websites to attract visitors to those sites. The results of these marketing strategies vary greatly dependent on the marketer’s goals, the type of product being sold, the budget available and the competition in the marketplace. For example, some marketers may focus on organic rankings in search results, while others may focus on paid placements in various media to attract visitors to their site that may be more cost-effective.

Another definition of marketing management is the application of the principles of social marketing to the processes of promoting goods and services. Social marketing techniques involve creating a sense of community around a product or service, using reputation management techniques, and using the concept of brand integrity to support the selling of products and services. Additionally, marketers may use marketing concepts such as mass media, television advertising, and movie promotion. They may also combine several of these techniques to further promote a product or service. This broader definition of marketing management covers a far wider range of marketing practices than was traditionally considered to be possible.

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