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Using Design Management System Tools to Create Innovative Designs


Using Design Management System Tools to Create Innovative Designs

A design is basically a blueprint or a sketch of an object, the creation of which is dependent on some other factors. A design represents the abstract reality that lies beyond the influence of human activity and is therefore relatively less objective than a product, since it does not depend on the acceptance of the buying public. It is however not irrelevant for the same reason that a product, for example a painting, does not reflect the real world in its overall features and details but solely depending on the artist’s conception and artistic sense of the direction to take. Designing can be done by any one who has artistic faculty, training or experience, and can express it on any object in accordance with the international standards set by the UNESCO. These standards are known as “the basic design principles”.

Designing is the art of applying knowledge from science and mathematics in order to design things, systems or devices that can help us solve problems. A designer can be a student or an architect, an industrial or a manufacturer, an interior or a technical designer, a computer engineer, an architect, an industrial planner or a The word “designing” was first used by the French in the thirteenth century to design objects that would assist navigation, weaponry, engineering and agriculture. The very first design thinking conferences were organized by Peter Behrens and Michael Ebert in 1978 at the University of Chicago, United States.

Nowadays, designers have the opportunity to combine their artistic faculty with technical knowledge to use animation, typography and other tools to create innovative solutions to complex designing challenges. Designers are also using applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Corel Draw and Dreamweaver to help them create creative designs and solutions. In order to use animation, designers need to have strong understanding of computer graphics, animation and typography. Designers can learn as they apply these tools by attending art school, through workshops and by taking design classes online.

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