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The modern newspaper is much different from the traditional news paper of old. No longer does one look at a paper and merely get the daily report. Now one reads the newspaper hoping to find some interesting information that may be of interest to them or help them with something they are concerned about such as the latest political intrigue or local sports news. Newspapers are no longer the primary source of national news but are now regarded as a serious form of reading.

In this day and age when everyone seems to be so busy with their every day lives, newspapers have taken advantage of this change in peoples’ habits by offering them a little bit of “me time” with in their newspapers. A daily newspaper, normally issued every week or even daily, containing mainly editorials, feature stories, and generally current news. There is also a sports section which will feature important local or international sporting events, along with any relevant comment and advice from the editor.

As well as newspapers, there are also several other newpapers on the market, which are much more like electronic magazines than a real newspaper. They are generally targeted at a younger audience and although they still contain a good amount of information and news which is relevant to the people they cater for, they do tend to differ greatly from the more traditional news papers which tend to be more geared at the older market and their readership tends to be younger and more educated. These newer type of newspapers are rapidly becoming extremely popular with the internet savvy generation of society who spend more of their time online. It is no surprise therefore that newspapers now have websites across the UK and the news can be read almost instantly wherever and whenever you are.

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