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What Drives Someone to Become a Tech?

What drives someone to become a tech? Is it the love of technology, the desire to help people or the thrill of providing for others’ needs? What is it that pushes a person into the world of technology and what does it take to make that person successful in their chosen field of tech support? Let’s look at the answers…

The love of technology can definitely drive someone into the field of tech support. It shows an interest in computers and technology at a young age, maybe even before the age of seven. A person with this interest in technology will most likely grow up loving and caring for computers, very much like how an engineer or technician would love to be in their field. This is one of the key factors in being a tech and one of the reasons why some people are so good at it. If you have the passion for technology and love working with it, then you are more than likely going to show that passion for others as well.

Another thing that pushing someone into tech support is the need for computer repair or some sort of assistance in using a computer. Maybe the tech support tech is called upon to solve a slow running computer, a glitch in the system or something as simple as a forgotten file. When people call in their problems, it could be very helpful to the tech that is on the line to see if they can get them the help that they need. Being able to help people get the help that they need helps to keep that person who is tech support updated and prepared for new software or hardware that may be arriving in the office in a short period of time. Since so many computer systems are replaced every six months or so, techs are always on the lookout for new software or hardware to be put into use in that office. Having the right software installed is important to the operation of the office and the comfort of those that work there.

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