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What is Technological Change?

Technological change is one of the most important factors that affect any business today. Technological change can either be a force for good or it can be a force for bad. Technological change is also one of the factors which determine the level of success you will have as a business. With the advancement of technology, new business opportunities have been created and new industries have been created. The people involved in the industrial sectors face a lot of challenges during the course of their careers and thus they are more likely to stay in their present jobs for a better future.

The information technology sector in India has seen tremendous growth over the last two to three decades. As a result of this, there has been a major transformation in the working methodology of businesses involved in the information technology sector. The key players in this industry include software, hardware, networking, memory, database, computer, semiconductor, and security companies. Technological change is again one of the driving forces behind this industry.

There are many questions which need to be answered for the people involved in information technology and in other industries so that they can better understand the impact that tech has on their daily lives. Many colleges have introduced a course called ‘Tech: A brief Introduction’ to introduce the students to the essential concepts and the challenges that are faced by people in this profession. Some of the popular courses which are often offered include Information Technology and Computer Science, Web Design and Development, and Information Security.

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