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What Is Wordwide Info?

wordwide info

What Is Wordwide Info?

Wordwide Info is a free service that provides instant access to the most recent statistics on millions of records, including some of the most popular ones such as Word, Quick, Answers, and Math. Some of the information it provides can be highly useful such as how many books you read in a week, how many times your favorite song was played in a day, or how many calories you burn with exercise each day. Other data may not prove to be as helpful such as the number of people who live in your state, the city that you are located in, or the population density of your town. Regardless of the amount of detail you need, the search is easy since there are just a few searches per form and a short description of the query.

The most popular service, Wordwide Insights, provides free access to the most recent statistics for a selection of databases such as Access, Excel, and Lexis. Data can be searched by the name, city, state, or zip code. It also provides links to additional information if the query requires it. Free trials are available for up to seven days after the trial period expires so you can find out if Wordwide is the right program for you. If you like what you see, you may decide to purchase the full version so that you have immediate access to all of Wordwide’s database information.

Like other free online tools, Wordwide has some drawbacks. It is necessary to have an internet connection for you to access Wordwide and use the free trials. A person without a computer can also use the free trials but will not be able to install Wordwide on their computer. People with antivirus software will not be able to use Wordwide because of virus detection. However, the service has an option for scanning your email on a daily basis to ensure your email is safe.

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