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Wordwide Info – Finding Keyword Information

Wordwide info is a free searchable database of keywords. Searching by keywords indicates that you have found an article relating to the search term you have entered. A word that shows up more than once is good and is often considered relevant to the topic of the page returned. The Wordwide site has been around for a few years and is quickly becoming a favorite tool for any marketer who is looking for keywords, phrases or combinations of words that will bring in targeted traffic for his or her online business. The great thing about this tool is that there is no cost to view the information; however, there is a small nominal fee to be paid if you want to have unlimited access for a year.

It is easy to use since the database is broken down by country, topic, and key words. The interface is relatively simple, but there are some features you may find useful. You can enter a search term and it will return all the keyword searches that relate to the selected topic. This makes it easy to weed out those keywords that don’t contribute to the results. It gives you quick access to a huge list of potential keywords to use on your website or in your marketing campaigns. You can even filter out the keywords based on their relevance to the subject matter of your chosen content.

Some marketers claim that the information provided by Wordwide is unreliable because many of the listed keywords are common and frequently used phrases. It is possible that these keywords are also being used by competitors but the competition for keywords is extremely fierce. But if you know how to do this in a way that gets you the best possible results, then Wordwide Info can be a valuable source of information. And remember, you get all this information absolutely free!

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