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About the World Economy News Paper

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About the World Economy News Paper

The World Economy newspaper or also known as the WENP is the international newspaper that is circulated internationally by News Co. This company is a company that has been around since 1920 and is one of the oldest newspapers published in Japan. The reason this company became a household name was its pioneering effort in the business when they were only a few people. The newspaper carries various industry and other news related information on a daily basis with an outlook to make it easier for people to get up to date.

This paper is delivered weekly to major cities across Japan and is widely read by people both at home and in the office. The October issue of the paper is no exception. The September 2021 issue of the newspaper had the strongest circulation on the year with almost 6 million copies being printed. It is not uncommon to find several advertisements from local companies such as Panasonic or Lasko trying to persuade customers to pick up their newspapers at the newsstands. One can also find ads from major Tokyo hotels such as the Coromandel and the Hilton Tokyo trying to get customers to pick up their subscriptions.

The internet has made it easier for customers who would like to subscribe to the World Economy newspaper online. This has made possible to access the World Newspaper online where one can read the latest issues online. Some of the features included in the online version of the paper include the ability to download the pages one needs for the day and read it online. There are also free e-newsletters published online that give tips and advice on various subjects on Japanese business etiquette and other business related information.

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