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Advantages of Design Thinking Outside the Office


Advantages of Design Thinking Outside the Office

A design is a blueprint or design for the arrangement of an item or a process, the output of which is to be used, implemented or manifested. The word ‘design’ in design generally refers to the process rather than the product. The word ‘design’ is also used in computer engineering and in many other fields of engineering and arts. In general the term design is used in connection with the process or the outcome of a process, whereas the term product design refers to the output of the process. The word ‘design’ in design generally applies to artistic constructions, whereas ‘product design’ refers to the output of architectural constructions for use by humans.

Designing is often associated with problem solving and innovative activity. There are many ways of organizing a design process and generating design solutions. The designers need to be imaginative, dynamic, problem solvers and communicate their requirements very clearly to designers and clients so that the desired output can be achieved.

Design thinking makes use of human-centered design processes. Human-centered design is about incorporating the aspects of the environment, people, technology and design into designs. This facilitates the use of real-life case studies for designing products and services. With the help of case studies, the designer not only gets a better understanding of the real world surrounding him but also learns to deal with similar situations in the future. Therefore, efficient and effective designs are developed using human-centered approaches.

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