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All You Need to Know About newspaper

news paper

All You Need to Know About newspaper

News paper- a small rectangular paper, usually published Sunday or Wednesday, providing local, national, and world news, sports, crime, economy, and other news-but it often has other sections. It can be folded or flat. Like many newspapers, it contains an index page to help readers find specific articles quickly. Like a daily newspaper, the newspaper is widely read throughout the world. In contrast with the television, which often repeats the same program numerous times, a news paper includes a more eclectic mix of programs and stories, sometimes daily, in addition to sports, politics, music, technology, and local or international news.

News papers are available in many different types. They may be published for free, or they may be published via paid subscriptions. The latter include ezines, a version of the newspaper, which is distributed electronically; or a website, such as the New York Times website, the Guardian website, and the Financial Times website, which allows the reader to not only read the news but also receive emails with articles, tips, resources, and other information. There are also news papers available for purchase through newsstands or bookstores. For more contemporary news, read the New York Times online or visit the Wall Street Journal’s website.

Newspapers are printed on paper that can either be printed direct from the wood pulp process or by a commercial printer. In some countries, newspapers are published on environmentally friendly paper, helping the environment. Some papers are published only once a week, while others are published several times a day. In Canada, unlike the U.S., the Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper are distributed weekly.

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