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Innovation Team and Design Thinking Process

Design is a creative arrangement of items so that their properties match and complement each other. A design encompasses the complete range of the objects involved or their qualities, such as color, shape, material, size, location, function, etc., and their interactions. A design may be conscious or unconscious. A design made consciously may take many forms, including drawing, diagramming, painting, photography, architecture, computer generated images, etc. The word ‘design’ has various other meanings, such as design concept, design pattern, blueprint, interior design, visual arts, etc., and ‘uses design’ to describe the arrangement of objects within an ensemble.

A design is a specific plan or specification for an action or procedure, or the outcome of that plan or specifications in the form of a physical product, implement, machine, service, etc., or the cause of that plan. Designing is more than mere thought; it is the putting of ideas into good working form. Thus designers are creative artists who make things (phenomena) by means of innovative methods. Some of the most famous designers in history include Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Albert Einstein, Jobs, Wigley, Koons, and a hundred others.

An innovative design thinking team has one member from each of the five major design groups – product, service, process, idea, and environment. These five design groups deal with different aspects of the invention. Sometimes an invention has a mixed result of these five groups. The innovators must therefore be aware of these different and mixed results so that the design will have to take into account them all and balance them in the right way so that the final design results in a well balanced product, service, process or idea. Thus, the innovators need to balance their biases appropriately and use multiple methods to improve the design.

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