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Is It Good Or Bad For The Future Of Tech?

Is It Good Or Bad For The Future Of Tech?

We have been seeing many tech products these days that make our lives easier. For example, you may not be aware but there is a new product in the market called the iPad which is said to be the best tablet computer that is available on the market right now. Another amazing product is the Nintendo Wii that enables the users to have their very own gaming console at home. Not to mention about other technologically advanced products such as laptops, iPods, and cell phones. As the world changes so do technology’s standards so will our tech gadgets. To move along with the times we must use the newest and the latest technology, such as the touch screen tablets.

Some people are of the view that if tech stuff does good things then it will surely continue to do good things in the future. That is exactly what some designers and developers have been trying to say, that is if we continue to use tech products that allow us to touch and manipulate things on the screen then someday our lives will no longer be controlled by the words “good intentions”. To the left of the images is the word good intentions, while on the right of the images is the word destroy. In other words, if tech stuffs like these creates good intentions then the future will also be a good place to live, no more wars, poverty, and disease. Therefore, it is our duty to use technology and create tech toys for the children, and for the future generation to enjoy. If we do not do that then it is obvious that some people will misuse the technology.

But again I ask; is it really worth for us to create the next generation of tech toys? Can the market or the consumer’s demands last forever? I believe that the tech companies will have to come up with a better business model because the public no longer trusts them. So, I am leaving you with a good way to think about this issue.

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