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News Paper

news paper

News Paper

Newspapers are the traditional news sources available in most every community. Many people read the newspaper each morning to get the latest headlines and world events. Often, communities also have multiple daily newspapers for different sections of the community such as business, sports, religion, arts, education, etc. The Sunday morning newspaper is usually the most read newspaper. A weekly or daily newspaper, generally issued monthly or daily, containing latest news, editorials, Feature stories, and sometimes advertising.

The first printed version of the news paper was published in 1690. Today, there are many hundreds of newspapers throughout the world. Some of the oldest surviving newspapers are in Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, the United States, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, and some parts of Latin America. Recently, some Chinese newspapers were printed in the English language in the late 1990s.

The first day of October is proclaimed National Newspaper Week in the United Kingdom. This event is celebrated with various organizations making publications related to the theme. In the United States, this event is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of October. Many newspapers have special sections dedicated to this theme and issue a special paper on the subject each October.

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