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Rational Model Building

A design is basically a blueprint or design for the assembling of an actual object or complex system or the logical output of that design, usually in the form of a model, prototype or experiment, or the resultant of that design. The word ‘design’ was first used in the late eighteenth century by the Dutch painter Frans Hals. He used the term to refer to his paintings and described their colours, shapes and forms rather than the things they actually represented. In recent years the term design has come to include a variety of artistic practices, including art, architecture, computer design, graphic design, and software engineering. The term design is now used in many disciplines and is understood to mean the procedure by which an original object is assembled into a useful or end-products. Design can also be used to refer to the results of scientific experimentation.

The objective of product design is to achieve an end result that is functional and that meets the requirements of the marketplace. Designing can be used to improve functionality by creating a better user experience or improve efficiency by designing a machine or system that is more productive, economical, and environmentally safe. Designing can be used to create a more rational model by determining the functions that a product must have and how those functions can be obtained using available machinery or resources. Rational model building is used to determine the most efficient materials, energy consumption, and environmental impact of new products and manufacturing processes.

In order to develop rational models, systems, and processes, a team of qualified and experienced engineers must be involved in the design process from the beginning. Design teams in engineering design projects collaborate with customer groups to define the product, its expected life cycle, and the design goals that will drive the product’s production. From there, the design process will guide the selection of materials and equipment, the creation of working drawings and prototypes, and the provision of necessary plant and manufacturing facilities. Through the use of engineering design solutions and the application of scientific principles, rational model building techniques are developed that ensure a better return on investment for both the company and its customers.

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