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The Best News Paper In Australia

A news paper is a daily or weekly publication that provides news and other media related reports in a straightforward manner. News papers are easily accessible sources of printed news delivered both nationally and internationally, from many different news agencies. All news papers fly around the globe to reach a global audience.

The most recent issue of the News paper was released in August 2011 and was well received by its global readership. It reported that the world financial crisis had been put off chances of recession or worse, deflation, by the action of governments around the world. Other features reported included a move by the European Central Bank to tighten its monetary stance, slowing down bank lending and credit growth in the wake of the economic crisis, and suggestions by a former adviser to the Bank of England that interest rates may be cut lower. It was widely reported that a former aide to the Bank of England suggested cutting interest rates as high as possible. In September the paper published an article quoting Sir Michael Caine who stated that there had been some instances of bubbles in the stock market but overall it was a case of economic fundamentals taking the lead.

The introduction to the News paper for this year was dominated by the world’s recession with the headline news that world growth was contracting. Although the recession was less severe than forecast it was said that the global outlook was bleak and this news paper took note of this with a sub-head on the subject. It was also notable that the UK economy performed much worse than many expected and was left out of the major economic recovery puzzle. The Financial Services Authority was busy putting together a report detailing how the economic and regulatory changes were helping to make the newspapers more transparent in their reporting.

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