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Design Thinking


Design Thinking

A design is simply a blueprint for an object, system or procedure, or even for the actual production of that object, product or procedure, or the end result of such blueprint. The verb to design normally refers to the act of actually producing a design, which would be an example of the first example of the verb. For example: I designed a new door knob with nickel-plated hardware. This new door knob is functional and aesthetically appealing. If we have not yet produced such a design, it is quite clear that we are still in the “designing” stage.

Designing for business and the design process itself have become integral to the success of businesses everywhere. Although the design process does not explicitly refer to the design concept, many designers have come to view the overall process as an expression of the designers’ ideas and concepts about how things should look and what consumers expect when they look at them. Thus, successful designers have developed skills and expertise in using various design thinking strategies to make their businesses stand out from the crowd, with the resulting design solutions being more attractive and compelling to customers. And by standing out from the crowd, successful businesses have been able to achieve considerable market share, keep customer loyalty, retain valued employees and win the customer’s trust.

Successful designers have developed a variety of skills and knowledge sets, each of which contributes to the ability to produce effective design solutions. The designers also need to work with other personnel to create solutions that can be applied to multiple types of problems. The use of design thinking skills in the design process allows the designer to explore multiple types of customers, multiple types of products and multiple types of business problems. In this way, the designer can develop good design strategies that take into account the objectives of each individual customer and the requirements of each type of customer.

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