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The Three Main Parts of a News Paper

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The Three Main Parts of a News Paper

The three main parts of a news paper are the reporter, feature writer, and the printer. Reporters report facts, while feature writers and photographers contribute their opinions. Editors choose stories to publish and determine where they should be inserted on the page. The newspaper’s press operators prepare and print the newspaper. These individuals are responsible for the layout and the appearance of the paper. A dummy is a rough copy of the page that contains the story insertions, ad placement, pictures, and headlines.

The printed version of the newspaper is often revised several times by the reporter and copy editor before it is sent to a printer. This process is known as phototypesetting, and has largely replaced the Linotype process. The first step of the phototypesetting process is to transfer the dummy to the page layout section, where an operator transfers the dummy’s instructions into a rough page prototype. Then, the printer prints the pages.

The articles within a newspaper are organized into decks, each of which has different titles. The first deck introduces the main point of the article, while the subsequent ones introduce subordinate information. The horizontal rules of newspapers help distinguish the different levels of the newspaper. The first deck of a newspaper is called the headline, and the second is the subordinate one. The third level of a newspaper is called the editorial section, and this is usually found in the first section of the paper.

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