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What Is Design?

The verb to design is an expression of the process of developing a design. It also indicates a finished product, prototype, or construction plan. A design can be an abstract idea that is expressed in words. It may also be a physical result of a process. A final product of a design is a concept, a model, or a building. A final design may be the result of several processes, such as research and development.

Design can be a process or a product. The goal of a design is to improve the functionality of an object. When done well, design makes human conditions easier and more comfortable. While many people see it as an impersonal process, it ultimately contributes to a better quality of life. While some may view it as unnecessary, others will appreciate the benefit of a properly designed product. It can also make things more attractive to people. The purpose of designing something is to make it more usable.

While the design process may be intuitive and built in to human beings, the production process is an objective process. It requires an understanding of the methods of manufacturing, and a working knowledge of these processes. For example, some projects have links that lead to different versions of a design. These versions may be final or unfinished, so it’s important to clearly state which version is the current version. This is especially true if the designer is working with more than one team.

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