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Using Wordwide Info to Find Businesses in Your Area

Wordwide info is one of the best free resources out there for finding local businesses in your area that are also looking for new clients and employees. It’s pretty easy to get a hold of Wordwide info because it comes directly from Microsoft. It contains the contact information for thousands of stores, organizations, and individuals that share the same type of business with you. By using Wordwide, you can easily search for the information you need and get results almost immediately.

The best thing about Wordwide is that it comes included with all versions of MS Office so you can just plug-in what you need and then save it into the Word document. You can also get additional info such as demographics, company description, and pictures. There’s also a link under the “Get” option on the bottom right corner of the screen. This will take you directly to a page where you can select the city and state you are in. You can then type in whatever information you’d like, whether it is for a store, organization, or individual person. The other great thing about this application is that you can get unlimited searches and it updates its data every day.

If you aren’t satisfied with the information you get from Wordwide, there’s an inexpensive, third-party website that gives access to even more information. It contains a searchable database of public records and you can type in anything that strikes your fancy. Even if it isn’t exactly Wordwide info, you’ll get enough of a hint that you should be able to get started with the search. As a bonus, you also get unlimited searches as long as you have an internet connection.

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