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Using Wordwide Info to Your Advantage

Wordwide Info is one of the most powerful and beneficial tools that can help you in your quest to become an SEO expert. It will provide you with keyword research, link popularity, search engine rankings, and much more all based on the keywords that you choose to search with. The keyword research tool allows you to input any keyword and it will instantly generate a list of related and popular keywords that are used commonly in searches. For example, if you enter “weight loss” into the tool, you will get a list of all the different weight loss products, ebooks, and even programs that are associated with weight loss.

If you want to know how much popularity a keyword is currently ranked in the search engines, you can also find this information by searching for a wordwide keyword. The main drawback of wordwide is that it only displays the top 100 words as related to your query. It does not display synonyms, plural versions, and other variations of common keywords. This makes it useless if you are looking for common keywords that are used in many websites.

Finally, Wordwide Info offers limited statistics. For example, it does not show data on how many searches are performed with each keyword or where these searches come from. This means that you have no idea whether your ads are showing or not. It also does not offer any tracking statistics, so you really have to be careful with the information that you obtain from this tool. It does not allow you to run various campaigns simultaneously because it only displays the most recent searches. Lastly, there are a few pop ups before the search results are shown that are extremely annoying, especially when they popup on the same page as your AdSense code.

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