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What You Should Know About Food

Food is any substance eaten to supply nutritional support to an organism. Food is generally of vegetable, animal or fungi origin, and has necessary nutrients, including vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, or minerals, which the human body requires for normal health. Some food is digested more slowly than other food types, some food provides energy to the body for the sustained physical activities required by the human species, while other food is rich in calories so that the body can utilize them for further growth and maintenance.

The modern food supply is made up of more thanulations of land, time, labor and technology. The artificial food industry has developed many products over the years that have been made from various ingredients, including animal products, fruits, vegetables, grains, yeast and sugar. The most important ingredients in foods are carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals. These ingredients are combined in a variety of proportions, such as natural, artificial, and synthetic, in order to meet the food demands of humankind. Although a wide range of products is available in stores, the quality and taste of the food is affected by a number of factors, including manufacturing methods, availability of ingredients, processing methods, temperature and quality of packaging.

Vegetables and fruits, for example, are the raw materials used in food production. They consist of carbohydrates, protein, mineral salts, vitamins and fibers. During processing, most vegetables and fruits are colored, dried, processed, deodorized and flavored. The color additives, if applied in large quantities, result in the colors, taste and consistency of foods becoming less nutritious and healthful. In such cases, the use of color additives must be minimized, as they greatly alter the nutritive value of the foods.

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